What does validating a web page mean

Note that I also left off the period after “This is a sentence” above, which violates the rules of grammar, but likely doesn’t cause any problems in communication.Since validation is comparing your code to W3C standards I think the best way to validate your code is using the W3C validation tools.One of the discussions that arises from time to time in web development circles is that of validating your code. It’s no different than comparing a sentence you write to the rules of grammar for the language you wrote it in.Some will insist your pages need to validate 100% and others will tell you it’s not even worth checking as long as your pages work. In fact the grammar analogy is a good one to keep in mind when you think of validating your code.Although it’s not yet proved without doubt that W3C validation gives you better search engine rankings, it’s sure that errors in your code can cause you big problems.Converting your website pages to XHTML will help you reach more customers, as your site will work better in more browsers and non-traditional devices.

You can read more about validation with Ajax in this excellent tutorial on j Query For Designers.Tweet As a web designer you’re encouraged to write valid code, but is it really important?I’ve took a look at the reasons behind validation and checked out 25 of the web’s most popular websites to see if they bother validating their code.The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and provides guidelines based on best practice, regarding how websites and web pages should be structured and created for long–term durability.The W3C validation is just a standard for specified machine language, checking web documents, spelling, grammar, syntax, and proofreading.

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