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The game starts with Pico getting ready to leave for school, until he is interrupted by a voice claiming to be his son from the future. explains that if he doesn't get with Nene, that his existence will cease and, hence, he would be dead.Pico then leaves for school and meets up with his friend Darnell, and tells him about his morning experience.Even games that take place in a 3D environment, such as Road of the Dead, tend to use 2D graphics.This has helped to differentiate Flash game genres from the those of console video games.He is an exceptional gunman, though he has also displayed skill in unarmed combat from time to time.His weapons of choice are automatic weapons, such as the Uzi and its variants (he's especially known for dual-wielding a pair of them) or the M16 Assault Rifle.

Over the history of Newgrounds, advances in technology and changes in culture have changed the popularity of the various genres.

In Pico's School, she begs Pico to end her life, which the player may or may not do.

In other movies, she is shown wielding knives to fight enemies, especially in House of 1000 Cats and Pico vs. She is also featured in a number of other games and movies, including Newgrounds Rumble, Pico Sim Date, and Pico vs. As an image, Nene appears here and there on the Newgrounds website, like other Pico series characters, such as the voting character in the Art Portal.

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by all the positive reviews I have recieved!

There is a high possibility that I will redo most of the things that are buggy and to add to it.

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