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PALM SPRINGS, CA - Celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson is about to tear the decks at the biggest lesbian event in the planet of its kind: The Dinah. Suboi, the 25-year-old, bilingual rapper will kick off her first U. DT: Without much rap in Vietnam, how did your career get started? There wasn’t much stuff on the Internet for me to watch, so it was hard to find inspiration or even an album I liked back then. DT: Do you ever have to worry about censorship in Vietnam?LH – No, we were a three piece at the time, Alicia Warrington on drums, and we couldn’t agree on a name. It is fantastic, we are so thankful, and seriously it is an amazing thing. I’m specifically enamored with the “Heartless Robot Tee” LH – We usually have people throw ideas out. That was the one I liked and Cam picked the one with hearts all over it. I think it’s incredible to self release records and tour through our own funding. It was canceled in 2012 and hasn't been revived.:-) Common Reaction is probably my favorite out of all Uh Huh Her's songs. I listened to this album one song at a time as I could find them on you tube, their myspace page and Great music here, I'm gonna watch these two and hope they play a venue near me soon. I'm a big fan of Leisha's voice & u can hear her well in this one. PALM SPRINGS, CA – Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend has just added NY-based DJ Mary Mac to its 2016 roster.

I’m imagining late night beer sesh over a box of records… MEN were in town a few weeks ago and I’m pretty sure the audience would have changed all the tires on JD Samson’s van if given half a chance. I mean, without anyone in the audience, you’d be playing to no one. Someone else did Heartless Robot and then it became a competition. LH – Well Plaid is our record label and it makes sense because it has everything we need to run our band, and as an indie artists it’s an ideal situation. I really love her voice and the music has a nice Indy New wave feel to it.This post was submitted by 'Stine It’s almost May 2nd!Los Angeles based Uh Huh Her is musician/actress Leisha Hailey (formerly of the Alt-Pop band The Murmurs who currently appears on Showtime's hit series The L Word) and Camila Grey (former Melllowdrone bassist and keyboardist who has also worked with Dr. Explode and common reaction are definitely my favorites for this disc. Brought this cd for one song Wait another day, beautiful song.Dre, Busta Rhymes, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Tricky). These chicks are awesome, their vocals are intense and captivating. The album continued to surprise with the opening Not a Love Song through to Explode and closing with now probably my favourite Dreamer.

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