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The funny things is, I can't write one of my own.

Emerald's Pride [Coming soon] My IG account: https:// I do not know, I fell in love with the blue color of the sky and I thought I could reach it, but it made it hard.

Eventually, to settle things, Santana challenges Will and David and encourages them to have a Spanish-off.

The episode was directed by Paris Barclay and written by Ian Brennan.

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I don't know why I am so addicted to that kind of genre.

The episode opens with Will, Puck, Finn and Artie singing La Cucaracha in front of the class while Santana and the other students gaze vacantly at them.

Figgins calls Will to his office after getting a complaint about his "Taco Tuesday" performance.

He would then go on to found another record label, Undercover Prodigy, in 2016.

Hopsin has released four studio albums, Gazing at the Moonlight through Ruthless Records, Raw, Knock Madness and Pound Syndrome along with the collaborative project Haywire (with Swiz Zz) through Funk Volume.

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