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People might tell you to calm down and go about your own life, but honestly it sucks. You'll spend the entire night avoiding the bar and keep going to the loo in groups. Stalking your ex's current girl takes on a whole new meaning.

What could be good about a situation that involves a friend you like, a boy you don't, and a broken heart? You've got to accept those emotions rather than pretend that everything is okay. Here are some very real things that happen when The Ex starts dating your common friend. You end up reliving every conversation you've had with her, trying to second-guess if she was being nice or just sarcastic.

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You can't get pissed drunk and cry with your friends. (PS: Maybe you should do it anyway, get it out of the system? The worst part is that apart from feeling that crazy anger, you also miss your old friend. Brian had been divorced for three years when he filled out the cumbersome e Harmony profile.Looking through all the profiles on other dating sites was daunting, so he decided to let a computer do the mate selection for him.To me she isn’t a real friend if she’s going to talk about me the way she did let alone date an ex.Personally I think its gross to sleep with a friend’s ex.

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