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The production’s dreams were largely shattered by the overwhelming dominance of ‘Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’, which was released just the week before.

With Sumpter as Pan and Hurd-Wood taking up the role of Wendy Darling, it also starred ‘Harry Potter’ star Jason Isaacs in the dual roles of George Darling and Captain Hook.

Elsewhere, Richard Briars played Mr Smee, while Lynn Redgrave played the Darling children’s Aunt Millicent.

Everyone remembers this adorable pair from arguably the best rendition of the Peter Pan story back in 2003.

His turn in TV series Clubhouse was, however, short-lived after CBS cancelled it after just five episodes.

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She moved back to London into a shared flat for pursuing her degree in linguistics at University College London at the age of eighteen.

However, one particular actor has slightly fallen off the radar and after some digging, I was happy to discover that no, he didn't remain back in Neverland aged 13, but in fact grew up and has been acting ever since!

Oh yes, 12 years following the film's release, it seems that Jeremy Sumpter has undergone an incredible transformation into adulthood, a.k.a.: he Neville Longbottom'd his way into his mid-twenties!

) as the swashbuckling tyrant Captain Hook, Rachel Hurd-Wood as the head-strong Wendy Darling, and Jeremy Sumpter as the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up.

Remind yourself of the epic adventure that was Peter Pan in the short trailer below: Since the early '00s, many of the characters have gone on to do their own thing, starring in a myriad of different projects.

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