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If your shyness is currently keeping you from dating or is making dating a painful ordeal, I want you to consider getting five to ten sessions of counseling with a therapist who has a great reputation for helping people.

For this particular problem, I recommend that you not be in therapy for longer than five or ten sessions.

Stop hiding yourself and get out there with these tips! Do you walk around and say to yourself “I wish I weren't shy so I could approach people.”When I hear someone label themselves as “shy,” I know they are limiting their opportunities to meet and connect with people every day.

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Underneath your shyness, are you afraid of something? You’re at a party with a friend and your friend excuses herself and leaves you with a guy you don’t know – but find attractive.

You should know that when I was young I was shy, so I have a lot of empathy for what you’re going through yourself.

The whole idea is to overcome that set of frustrating fears that currently have you kind of mired in an anxious, shy place.

Do a whole bunch of different thoughts go through your your mind like monkey chatter you hear at the Central Park Zoo?

Are there what seems like hundreds of monkeys screaming all different things in you ear, none of which are good thoughts?

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