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- there's a commemorative bottle for everyone interested in bottle collecting - Super Bowl, Christmas Santa, sports, festivals, Bottler anniversaries, holidays, special events, rare or common editions.

Today, she turns 18, and I couldn't be more proud of the woman she's become." From Mona Seay: "Bro is in high school (16 yrs old) and Sis is in college (20 yrs old).

They don't get to see each other a lot and really enjoy their time together. "The refreshing Cranberry Sprite was a thrist quencher after a long day of distributing flags in support of our veterans and community. " "I love to have voluminous hair, and what better way is there to achieve that than by drinking Coca-Cola to use the cans as hair rollers? "I am an eighteen-year-old girl who wanted to make Coca-Cola a part of her senior pictures. " "The official story says that I rescued Onur from the street when he was almost dying," says Carla Toranzo, "but the real story is that he recued me, bringing stars and happiness to my life.

We love the glass bottles of Fanta that we can purchase from the cooler!

" Todd Warner says, "I asked two guys shoveling if I could take a picture of their Coke. At the time we were shoveling our 80-something-year-old neighbors out, which lead to a great conversation about neighbors helping neighbors in times of need.

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