Dating a libra scorpio cusp

How do you find yourself juxtaposed with the character attributes of both signs?

My own observation of myself: I always try to make things look physicall Help. I found one site that addresses it and it was already off because we are in way deeper than it says we will go.

I'm talking crazy chemistry and intense passion.i am a very true-to-scorpio woman, although perhaps a little more on the generally submissive side, born november 5th '92 and i have recently started dating a leo/virgo cusp guy, born august 20th '89.

so far things are going well, but as always i have don I have a 47 yr male friend born Feb 19th.

Unfortunately our paths in life diverter and we were never able to meet again till recent Just wondering if anyone has any idea about this. Leo is my best friend foreve Hi I'm Leo and I dated a libra for months we never argue or maybe just misunderstood but after that we never agrue until last week sadly he broke up me and I asked what the reason and he say it's me not you..that's only he say so said a lot words that I h Please help me with this guy. Sometimes I can see from his actions that he likes me too. He was calling me every day, every hour and asking about me.

I'm a cappy to start with my new bf is an Aquarius. He touches my ha Hi everybody, I just want to ask if there's any difference in character between a sag not born on the cusp and a sag born on the cusp.

On the positive side, let's go on to the next cuspoid." Signs next to each other are the most difficult to blend but also the most rewarding when they can be blended to work together. Aries is the most explosive fire sign while Taurus is the most productive earth sign.

True, the Sun is always in one sign or the other but especially for those who were born on the day the Sun changed signs, there may be a blend of the two signs’ characteristics.You suffer if you burn yourself out and too much relaxation is boredom that your Aries nature is unable to tolerate.The relationship between the rulers Venus & Mars will either help or make it more difficult to blend these two energies to your advantage.I just reconnected with a high school sweetheart after 20 years.We had a complicated but romantical relationship throughout high school and first part of college.

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