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The Mekong: River of Terror and Hope (South Vietnam; Cambodia; Laos; and, Thailand) Williamsburg (Virginia), City for All Seasons Snow Festival in Japans Far North (Sapporo Snow Festival on Hokkaido, Japan) Reunited Jerusalem Faces Its Problems Dragon Lizards of Komodo Queensland: Young Titan of Australias Tropic North Today Along the Natchez Trace: Pathway Through History (Natchez Trace Parkway: A modern parkway, cleared by the National Park Service, follows a wilderness road trod by pioneers, traders, and gamblers between Natchez, Mississippi, and Nashville, Tennessee) The World of Elizabeth I (16th-century England) Little Tibet in Switzerland (Refugees from Communist Chinese-occupied Tibet, sponsored by Swiss citizens, adapt to factories and other work but preserve their Buddhist traditions) Our Friend from the Sea (18-month-old wild harbor seal Shags, life along the Atlantic coast, and land-based in Longport, New Jersey) A Teen-ager Sails the World Alone, Article and photographs by Robin Lee Graham (1st reporting of Robin Lee Grahams adventurous voyage from California to South Africa: Navigating by sun and stars with a sextant, a young American captained his 24-foot fiberglass sloop Dove across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, stopping to meet local people along the way, in the first leg of a round-the-world adventure; See also April 1969 issue for 2nd reporting) Mexicos New Museum, Window on the Past (Mexico Citys National Museum of Anthropology) Great Smokies National Park: Solitude for Millions (Tennessee-North Carolina) Journey into Golden Greece and Rome Antarctica: Icy Testing Ground for Space Afghanistan, Crossroad of Conquerors Air Rescue Behind Enemy Lines (U. Air Forces Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service saves downed fliers in the Vietnam War) Rhode Island: New Englands Lively Experiment New Tools for Undersea Archeology Saving Brazils Stone Age Tribes from Extinction (Tchikao Indians, Xingu National Park refuge)South to Mexico City The Incredible Salmon The Age of Sail Lives on at Mystic (Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, a living maritime museum that preserves square-riggers, schooners, and heirlooms from the age of sail) Land of the Ancient Basques (western Pyrenees on the France-Spain border) Crystals, Magical Servants of the Space Age The Canadian North, Emerging Giant (Northwest Territories; Yukon Territory; largest undeveloped resource rich region in the Americas, home of Eskimos and Indians) Hyenas, the Hunters Nobody Knows (Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, Africa) Lombardys Lakes, Blue Jewels in Italys Crown (Lake Como and other glacier-carved basins in the Italian Alps) Forest Fire: The Devils Picnic (Pacific Northwest) The Bonins and Hard-won Iwo Jima Go Back to Japan: An Era Ends for the Yankee Isles Vienna (Austria), City of Song Tracking Danger with the Ice Patrol (monitoring of icebergs in the North Atlantic using low-flying Hercules HC-1130Bs; International Ice Patrol; U. Coast Guard) Character Marks the Coast of Maine New Books: Australia; Space; Vanishing Peoples; and, Africas Wildlife Trek by Mule Among Moroccos Berbers Mexicos Little Venice (Mexcaltitan, Mexico, on the San Pedro Delta)Finland: Plucky Neighbor of Soviet Russia Tool-using Bird: The Egyptian Vulture: Unique photographs show how it throws stones to open ostrich eggs New National Park Proposed: The Spectacular North Cascades (Washington) Nevadas Mountain of Invisible Gold (With modern technology, the Carlin Mine extracts microscopic flecks of gold from tons of ore; its the U. (Natural scientist records the changing seasons on his farm in western Maryland, near where Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia come together) Robert V.

S.s biggest gold strike since 1902.) Ile de la Cite, Birthplace of Paris (Washed by the River Seine, the historic island heart of the French capital focuses on the Cathedral of Notre Dame) Gardenings Color Merchants: The Flower Seed Growers Viet Nams Montagnards: Caught in the Jaws of War Natures Year in Pleasant Valley (Maryland), by Paul A. Fleming: 1890-1967 (National Geographic Society Trustee since 1929, Treasurer since 1935, and Vice President since 1958) The Netherlands: Nation at War with the Sea Dory on the Banks: A Day In The Life Of A Portuguese Fisherman National Geographic Society Honors Air Pioneer Juan T. Coronations a World Apart Irans Shah Crowns Himself and His Empress (in Glittering Teheran) South Seas Tonga Hails a King The Friendly Isles of Tonga Mobile: Alabamas City in Motion The Highlands, Stronghold of Scottish Gaeldom (Scotland) Scorpions: Living Fossils of the Sands In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (Summary: In the second century B.

The cities with the ten highest Chinese American populations, with New York City comprising over half of the combined total, according to the 2015 American Community Survey, were as follows: and a second at First and Adams Street in the present location of the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

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Special Recording: Sounds Of The Space Age First Explorers on the Moon: The Incredible Story of Apollo 11 in Five Parts: I: Man Walks on Another World, Historic Words and Photographs, by Astronauts Neil A. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins II: Sounds of the Space Age, From Sputnik To Lunar Landing: A Special National Geographic Record Narrated by Astronaut Frank Borman III.Historically speaking, many of these Chinatowns were formed in the 1800s and have served as ethnic enclaves.Chinatowns in the United States have historically been located in the "big cities" such as New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago and existed initially as enclaves that ease transition into the American culture.C., a young king of Macedonia conquered an empire reaching from Greece to India, taking a route recently followed by the authors who marvel at his conquest of peoples and geography.Related Subjects: Afghanistan; Alexander the Great; Asia; Darius the Great; Greece, ancient; History, Asia; Iran; Kalash Kafir people; Pakistan; Persepolis, Iran; Persian Empire; Turkey.) Our Virgin Islands: 50 Years Under the Flag Big Bend (National Park): Jewel in the Texas Desert The World in Geographic Filmstrips A Taxi for the Deep Frontier: Project Man-In-Sea Goes Mobile (Deep Diver, a unique undersea runabout)MAP - Lands of the Bible Today. Has more than 850 descriptive notes of historical and Biblical interest.

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