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If you were desperate and hopeless enough to log on to a suicide chat room in recent years, there was a good chance a mysterious woman named Li Dao would find you, befriend you, and gently urge you to take your own life.And, she'd promise, she would join you in that final journey.The three innocuous words seemed to offer Mark Drybrough the relief he sought. At college in Coventry, England, he started out in high spirits, studying computer engineering and finding a girlfriend.But after a year, the girl came down with a viral infection and then Mark did, and he never really recovered.All you really need is a made up bio and a stock photo, and boom—you’ve created a person. The phrase “catfish hoax” comes from the 2010 documentary film about a guy named Nev Schulman and his relationship with "Megan," a woman he “met” and fell in love with online.Nev and Megan chatted on Facebook, sent each other sweet text messages, and talked to each other on the phone for months, building what seemed to be a pretty close relationship.In other words, fake online friends are very common, and you could have one without even realizing it if you don't know how to spot a catfish online.

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Finally Nev drove out to where “Megan” said she lived.To start with: the fact that the man may be attracted to a woman – or believe that she’s attracted to him – automatically disqualifies a friendship implies that ultimately it is his and For another, the idea that just being attracted to somebody means that the relationship isn’t “just” a friendship carries the implication that there is a magical dividing line between romantic or sexual attraction and friendship.Despite the obsession with the idea that men’s libidos somehow make them unable to be friends with someone they find attractive, I believe that not only can men and women be “just” platonic friends…If it can happen to a popular Notre Dame (and now San Diego Charger) football player, it can happen to you, too.Manti Te'o’s unfortunate story about an online girlfriend who never really existed reminds us all of how precarious our virtual relationships with people really are.

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    When curious fans asked Chel-Chel and Daniel if they "had a thing," Chelsea responded with a simple, "nope," and Daniel replied "I really like her too..we're just friends..